Eye Movement Integration

This is a therapeutic approach very different from any other that I know of at this moment in time.  Most psychotherapy methods simply do not possess enough depth and power to reach the sources of the client’s torment.

Distressing experiences affect the mind differently than ordinary experience does.

In threatening or intense situations, an ‘emergency’ pathway is evoked in the mind, information is sent directly to the mid brain [amygdala] to permit quick reactions in the face of a sudden threat. When the amygdala perceives a threat message, it sends out signals to initiate ‘fight or flight’ response.

In most severe cases, traumatic memories can contribute to severe disturbances such as post traumatic stress disorder.  The symptoms from unresolved memories of distressing events include nighmares, flashbacks, emotional numbing, avoidance behaviours and panic attacks.

Eye Movement Integration appear to redirect the clients mind to release the information whether painful or healing to be naturally incorporated into a new healthful perspective on their current life.

With this treatment it is relatively painless, calming, the client is in full control, by gently following the therapists hand with two fingers extended at a distance.

Clients following EMI treatment, have reported to me they felt so calm, free, positive, their behaviour dramatically is altered in the days and weeks following a treatment.

In fact I have had reports of amazing transformation, releasing them from the burden of traumatic baggage they have carried for years, which never ceases to one of my greatest professional rewards.

The impressive efficacy and rapidity of EMI derives from its ability to help the mind do precisely what it was designed to do: heal itself using its own inner resources.