Trauma Therapy

At some time during our lives, all of us will experience upsetting and distressing life events. Trauma is the emotional shock we feel following an extremely stressful or ‘traumatic’ event, such as:

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Acts of violence
  • Childhood sexual, physical, emotional abuse
  • Sexual assaults
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Bullying
  • Life threatening illness
  • Physical assault
  • Natural disasters such as tsunamis and earthquakes

[This is by no means an exhaustive list]

These are often unexpected, unpredictable, overwhelming, highly life threatening and can be difficult to come to terms with.

The intensity of our feelings can often overwhelm us and can seriously disrupt our lives, these feelings can continue long after the trauma actually happened.

We are often plagued with thoughts that we did something to deserve the bad things that happened to us, and that suffering is our own fault, which can lead to shame.

If unresolved over years, we can be re traumatised over and over again by trigger factors.

Eg: if we were fearful as a child to get anything wrong, anytime in your life you attempt something, fail at something, a look, or something remotely like what happened back then, your body will react physically experiencing intense emotions.

We can become locked into negative beliefs, which continue to hold us back.

Together we can explore what happened, to re look at and proportion blame back to whom it belonged to, remove the negative beliefs and feelings experienced to become free and react normally to situations.

Negative beliefs link various parts of our experience together to make sense of our world.  Our beliefs are generalisations, which link together experiences, values, internal states and expectations, which form the fabric of our reality.