DO YOU FEAR SPIDERS – FLYING – DENTISTS – HEIGHTS – have you had an accident that you are unable to move on from????

Many clients have phobias that hold them back in life which can be quickly and painlessly removed in order for the client to achieve or travel etc and be cured from the restricting fear.


When someone has a phobia of spiders:

They do not need to think, ‘Oh I’m frightened’, what happens is experiencing something frightening instantly triggers off a physical and/or emotional response.

Often a phobia is learned accidentally and in traumatic situations, can be created powerfully and permanently in an instant.

It is designed to stop us from going back into the same fearful situation again.

This is the same response if we ate or drunk something that made us physically ill, if we were offered whatever it was again, or if we saw it, or if anyone talked about it, the person would immediately feel sick, because this is stored in the mid brain and is an automatic response to stop you from eating or drinking whatever it was again.  Therefore we have no conscious control over the phobia.


This is a wonderful protection, however it can restrict our lives.

Phobias can stop us:

  • Getting on that plane to the holiday we would love to go to.
  • Sleeping if we are fearful of spiders, or in some cases stop us from holding down employment if there are spiders in the workplace.
  • Getting our teeth repaired or keeping them in good health.
  • Getting that much needed blood test.


Often it only takes one session to clear a phobia, painlessly, with NO EXPOSURE AT ALL!!!

This will be painless and effective.

There may be more resistant phobias, which may be more emotionally traumatic, which could take longer than one session.