This type of therapy refers to longer term, more focused on enabling a client to understand his/her life in a profound and reflective manner.

It helps a person look at long standing attitudes, thoughts and behaviours.  This therapy goes deeper to uncover root causes of problems, resulting in more dramatic changes within self, a persons experience, and the world in general.

With the aim to empower the individual by freeing her/him of unconscious triggers or impulses through increased awareness.

Mainly needed for:

  • Childhood neglect
  • Childhood Sexual, emotional, mental, physical abuse
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Traumatic events and PTSD
  • Unresolved Anger
  • Loss
  • Abortion

The length of therapy will depend on the client, what the client is ready to work on, the therapeutic goals set.  Sometimes a break is needed for client to be aware of changes, to be able to acknowledge the difference and to work on techniques set in order to move forwards.